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Tigre de l'Annam (c. 1895) by Gustave Surand

Tigre de l'Annam (c. 1895) by Gustave Surand

A Pair of Imari Vases from the Estate of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Two large and matching Japanese Imari baluster vases with covers, from the estate of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, listed as item number "506" in the auction catalogue. A golden pair of kissing koi fish surmount the octangular-edged lid of the baluster shaped body, both pieces decorated with blue-ground panels of intricately hand painted floral patterns. The central image on the body of the vase is of flowers overflowing an urn on a white ground panel, which is elaborately bordered. The decoration of the form is further enhanced by teal-coloured glaze details, and cartouches of flying phoenixes, butterflies, and dragons.

Forgotten Masters Lecture Series with Dr. Micah Christensen

Twice monthly, Micah Christensen (PhD, History of Art | University of London) leads a discussion on once-famous and influential artists who have since fallen into obscurity. Attended by clients and artists, the discussions feature lively conversations, scholarly research, and beautiful images. All are welcome to attend.

RECENT ACQUISITION | Athletes (1953) by Mikhail Devyatov

Simply titled "Athletes," this painting by Mikail Mkhailovich Devyatov captures the dignity and esteem of a female ice skater and skier. Russian female athletes were among the most pioneering in their fields, often given higher recognition and more funding in their native country than counterparts in Western Europe or America. 

Completed in 1953, this painting was begun during the 1952 Winter Olympics, held in Norway. Although invited to participate, the Soviet Union declined to send athletes, leaving many professionals, who had trained to compete, unfulfilled. It seems likely that this painting was made by Devyatov to commemorate these female athletes at the height of their powers, yet unable to express them fully.


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