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Mary Sauer, "Stillness"

  • Anthony's Fine Art 401 East 200 South 84111 United States

Anthony’s Fine Art & Antiques presents “Stillness,” a solo-exhibition by the painter Mary Sauer. Recently awarded top prize by the Portrait Society of America, Sauer is among the best trained and admired artists of her generation. 

About the Exhibition

With the 24 works in “Stillness,” she uses children to create scenes of remarkable beauty and thoughtfulness. In her own words:

Children are able to operate above the fray and enjoy the present, often through their imagination. They are able to fully experience their current situation untainted by their circumstances. Instead of worrying about what might happen in the future, or wishing for more, they are able to find joy in the moment. 
There is an art to finding beauty and fulfillment in what many might consider inconsequential, or may not even notice, that is innate in how children play. Somewhere in our growing up we forget our talent for that art and maybe our children are the only ones who can help us to remember.

About the Artist

Sauer received her Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University in Illustrations. Afterwards she enrolled in the Grand Central Academy and Students’ League of New York. There she met and was hired by the contemporary artist Jeff Koons to collaborate on his series “Antiquity.” After several years in New York, Sauer moved to Salt Lake City to receive a Masters in Fine Art from theUniversity of Utah. 

Since graduating, Sauer has received widespread critical acclaim.Her work has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, the Journal of the National Portrait Society, and International Artist Magazine.

September 24
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